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Discover How to Make a Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids Recipe with Epsom Salts

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What is a Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids? A sitz bath or sometimes known as a hip bath, is when a person immerses the lower portion of the body in water in order to aid in the relief of hemorrhoid symptoms

A sitz bath can be just filling a bathtub up to your hips or you can purchase a tub specifically designed to fit over the bowl of a toilet. 

Using a sitz bath is highly recommended as a treatment option for hemorrhoid relief

A warm sitz bath can help alleviate symptoms such as inflammation, pain, discomfort, and itching. 

It is considered a low risk treatment method and can even help shrink hemorrhoids with repeated use.

A sitz bath is an excellent way to immediately reduce hemorrhoid pain.

Best Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids Recipe

A sitz bath recipe is the adding of other ingredients into the water to further help alleviate the symptoms associated with painful hemorrhoids

Such ingredients can be vinegar, baking soda, salt, and sometimes even essential oils.

Here are some of the best sitz bath recipes for hemorrhoids:

  1. Add about 20 grams of commercial salt to your warm sitz bath.  Mix with your hands until the salt is dissolved.
  2. Add ½ cup of Epsom salt to your warm sitz bath.  An optional ingredient is 1-2 tablespoons of witch hazel oil, which has pleasant soothing and cooling effects.  Mix with your hands until the Epsom salt is dissolved.
  3. Add ½ cup of Epsom salt to the sitz bath along with about 10 drops of lavender or chamomile.  Stir the mixture with your hands until the Epsom salt is dissolved. 
  4. Add other herbal ingredients like Horse Chestnut, Aloe Vera, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Calendula Oil.

How to Make a Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids

You can make a sitz bath at home using just your bathtub if you do not have a sitz bath that fits over the toilet bowl. 

Simply fill the bathtub up to a point where your hips and lower portion of your body is immersed with water. 

You can use either warm or cold water for a sitz bath.  A sitz bath tub can also be purchased at your local drug store. 

This fits over the rim of the toilet so you do not have to use the bathtub.

After you fill the tub up with water, you can either take the sitz bath as is, or you can use other additives in the sitz bath for additional relief. 

Epsom Salt Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids

Epsom salt can help with relieving the painful symptoms of hemorrhoids. 

Epsom salt is a mineral compound that helps relax and heal the muscles and muscle related tension, which is why athletes often use this product. 

Epsom salt can also help external hemorrhoids shrink and disappear more quickly. 

While Epsom salt may not always result in a faster healing of hemorrhoids, it can help relax the rectal muscles, which can aid in relieving the discomfort when sitting.

You can add a cup of half of a cup of Epsom salt into a warm sitz bath and stir until it dissolves.  You can also add other essential oils into the bath as well.

Herbal Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids

Herbal sitz baths involve adding a herbal ingredient to the warm water of a sitz bath. 

Herbal ingredients like lavender, chamomile, witch hazel, or aloe vera all have properties that can help with hemorrhoids. 

These herbal oils an reduce inflammation, redness, itching, and the swelling of hemorrhoids.

Some properties found in herbal oils can help alleviate the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids. 

Sometimes these herbal ingredients can help encourage the shrinkage of hemorrhoids. 

Herbal oils are safe to use, but in some cases, they can have an adverse reaction on the skin. 

Consult your doctor before using any method of treatment for hemorrhoids to avoid a negative skin reaction.

 Here are the top herbal ingredients for a hemorrhoids sitz bath:

  1. Witch Hazel
  2. Lavender Oil
  3. Chamomile
  4. Aloe Vera
  5. Butcher's Broom
  6. Horse Chestnut

Other Hemorrhoid Treatments or Remedies to Use With a Sith Bath

There are many other hemorrhoid treatments or remedies you can use to stop hemorrhoid itching and burning.

Here are the best treatments and remedies to use for hemorrhoids:

  1. OTC hemorrhoid medicine (creams, wipes, etc)
  2. Hemorrhoid ice packs
  3. Hemorrhoid supplements
  4. OTC pain relievers (tylenol, ibuprofen, etc)
  5. Hemorrhoid suppositories
  6. Hemorrhoid cushions or pillows
  7. Hemorrhoid creams
  8. Hemorrhoid wipes

Final Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids Review

Research shows that sitz baths help with hemorrhoid pain and discomfort.  Sitz baths offer immediate relief in painful symptoms commonly experienced with hemorrhoids. 

Sitz baths relax the anal sphincter and surround muscles. 

Adding ingredients to sitz baths like Epsom saltessential oils with soothing effects and anti-inflammatory properties can help with pain management.

Sitz baths are a low risk treatment option, but you should still consult with your doctor before taking a sitz bath with additives other than warm or cool water. 

Take a sitz bath for about 10 to 20 minutes as needed throughout the day. 

Sitz baths can be used multiple times a day, too.

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