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How to Ease Hemorrhoids – Discover the Best Ways To Ease Hemorrhoids

Posted on 25 November 2018 by

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Everyone has hemorrhoids—they are the network of veins that support blood flow to our lower rectal area, but when something hinders the blood supply, these veins become inflamed, giving way to painful hemorrhoid symptoms.

Why Do Hemorrhoids Occur?

A few reasons why you might be experiencing hemorrhoids all of a sudden could be:

  • Pregnancy, labor, and vaginal delivery
  • Frequently lifting heavy objects
  • Straining from constipation
  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • A diet that lacks fiber or not enough water

As you can see, many causes can amount to hemorrhoids forming, and it doesn't have to be just one.  For most of us, it is a few reasons off of this list of risk factors that amount to hemorrhoidal flare-ups.

Aging has generally thought to play a role in why people develop hemorrhoids in their golden years.  Muscle and supportive tissues weaken when our bodies age, making us more susceptible to venous inflammation, and therefore, hemorrhoids.

What Products Can I Use to Ease Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can be treated at home, and you can even purchase over the counter medications and hemorrhoid products to treat symptoms.

A few different types of products for hemorrhoids include:

  • A fiber or hemorrhoid supplement
  • Topical ointments
  • A suppository for hemorrhoids
  • Medicated wipes
  • A specially designed hemorrhoid cushion for sitting

External hemorrhoids are the more painful of the two types of hemorrhoids, and if you are looking to relieve symptoms, then you are probably suffering from anal lumps, itching, a burning sensation, rectal bleeding, and pain.

These various types of products are effective at relieving painful hemorrhoid symptoms, and some can even alleviate common symptoms within a few minutes. 

Many hemorrhoid products can be used in combination with each other to tackle the differing symptoms, like ointments that are anti-itch and pain relieving, and wipes that soothe the delicate anal skin while cleaning the area.

Do Hemorrhoids Get Better on Their Own?

Yes, hemorrhoids do go away by themselves, and the symptoms gradually subside within a few days to a week.  However, with so many products available to treat painful and frustrating symptoms, there's no reason you should suffer!

Over the counter medications don’t run your bill too high, and with a few of them in your arsenal, you should be able to treat multiple symptoms at the same time.  In many cases, treating hemorrhoids with products like Preparation H, Tucks, and suppositories can help shrink the hemorrhoids more quickly.

Best Way to Ease Hemorrhoids

  1. Hemorrhoid Supplement: There are so many hemorrhoid supplements out there that it can be difficult to choose, but for the most effective, try HemRid, available on Amazon and can quickly reduce burning, bleeding, and provide rapid relief.
  2. Hemorrhoid Ointment: The best hemorrhoid ointment on the market is Preparation H, a long-time product that has championed for hemorrhoid relief since its debut, and its name synonymous with relieving hemorrhoid itch and discomfort.  There’s a reason Preparation H has been around for so long—because it works.
  3. Hemorrhoid Suppository: There are a handful of suppositories available to treat hemorrhoids, but Preparation H is the most effective in doing so. You can find all Preparation H products at your local drug or grocery store.
  4. Hemorrhoid Wipes: Tucks Wipes is medicated with witch hazel and is not only the most popular wipe for hemorrhoids but also the most effective. It soothes and relieves itching and burning while cleaning the anal area.
  5. Hemorrhoid Pillow: You can spend a fortune on orthopedic, specially designed, memory foam hemorrhoid pillows, but with Donut Tailbone & Coccyx Cushion, you don't have to. It is half the price of high-end pillows and just as useful in making sitting much easier.


Don't let hemorrhoids take over your life, forcing you to stop doing the activities you love.  Instead, try a few over the counter medicines, products, and an inflatable hemorrhoid cushion to relieve your symptoms and help make hemorrhoids disappear faster.

Everyone is different, but the sooner you discover which products work best for you, the better prepared you will be in dealing with hemorrhoid flare-ups.  Then, be sure you find the time to talk to your doctor on ways to prevent hemorrhoids altogether.

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